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Leadership Development Council


An inclusive, structured, focused and continuous approach to empower youth to aspire, explore (internally and externally), understand, decide, plan and execute personal, educational and vocational roadmaps based on real world scenarios and source of truth knowledgebases towards achieving a self informed, self directed and evolving life, learning and career vision starting from school.

CCI will collaborate with government, educators, industry and community to create awareness, build and promote a structured career education and development ecosystem for inclusive and integral human development in India. It will also serve as the professional body for all all career development professionals including school based career practitioners.

A new paradigm is needed to depict how people’s careers develop and evolve over a life time and career education is an integral part of a human resource development strategy. The main objective of CCI INDIA is to enable India to harness technological and economic change and empower the youth to build the future and compete effectively in global markets. Career Education is a vital element starting seamlessly during school education and assisting young people to navigate their way through school, to productive and fulfilling lifestreams.

Leadership Development Council inculcates leadership development quality irrespective of subject boundary for the next generation of leaders around the Global world Developing yourself as a Leader is intended for high-potential emerging leaders who want to gain the ability to develop and manage their leadership trajectories.leaders present an excellent track record of progressively responsible work experience and the potential for future growth in their roles and responsibilities.